Can I have image links?

are you allowed to have a link that brings people to an image? i want to add a map but since you cant actually put it in the game i wanted to know if im allowed to do this.

Could you please clarify? You are allowed to send an image of your map and if you are talking about sharing the map then you can share on the wix site here :
Hope this helps!

since you cant have an image inside the game i wanted to know if like you could have a link to a site or something that had the image

I think they mean to have a link that brings you to an image

yes that is what i mean

You mean inside the map right? Yeah, you can put the image url in a text box or pop-up for the player to copy and paste, the only problem is they’ll have to manually put it in so it is very inconvenient.

If you are talking about linking images in the forum, yes, you can do that. However, don’t share a map image as a showcase or for the sake of sharing a map image, do that if you are asking for help.

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You might be able to make/approximate the image with pixel art as well, don’t forget!

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