Can I have help with my new map

Any idea for a new map

Tower defense game!

Tax evasion game where you escape the IRS


Combat game like Pokemon!

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Isn’t there already one of those on the discord?

An idea could be like having a government vs mafia game where there are warehouses, bases, and other things the government can raid. The mafia has to place their assets somewhere and cannot be killed by the government, or the assets they’re carrying are part of the government now. So the mafia win by killing all government officers and the government win by finding all assets. To make this go more quicker, this could be like an infection game for the government.

Make a game where you try to die the fastest

You could make a new and improved version of CTF!

Congrats for getting to trust level 3 @Thats_Gimpossible and @getrithekd!

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Isn’t that kind of common though? Nvm