Can I get help here?

how to make it where if someone buys something the text shows up and the vending machine goes away but its just the text

Popup? Or a game overlay? You need to be a bit more specific…

Hm. I don’t really know how to fix that. I haven’t tested it, but when someone buys it, try to make the vending machine turn invisible using channels? I don’t know, see if that helps?

hello @LeoOfGim welcome to the forms!

Sadly you can’t make it happen. Maybe the gimkit team will add this later on.

Hello! Thanks for the welcome, to!

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like you buy something (from vending machine) and then the vending machine goes away and the text shows up behind it (where the vending machine was just the plain text device

Oh. You can’t really do that unless the vending machine wasn’t visible in the first place.

oh ok I thought I did it one time

guess it was something else