Can I get feedback on my thumbnail?


It’s the second one I’ve done, the first was kinda bad…

It looks good but could be more detailed.

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Did you just mush some pictures together or was it hand drawn. My opinion is 5/10, but if we compared to other thuumbnails on the Discovery 6/10. I prefer handrawn over pictures smushed together, but people may not agree.

What type of thumbnail is best?
  • Handrawn
  • Pictures Smushed together
  • Combination
  • random
  • Other
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Poll is public, so poll at your own risk.

I used a combo of smush and hand drawn for most of the thumbnails i make


i think if you added some bushes or greenery, maybe even a stone like path it would add a lot to the thumbnail

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The contrast of a highly detailed castle to the rest of the drawing is throwing me off…

Maybe if you used the knight gim it would look better

Three suggestions:

  1. Make the backround more detailed
  2. Make the castle less… friendly
  3. The hill looks odd, and the propertions are odd, castle is too small, gim is too large. I know it’s perspective, it just looks odd.

This is actually a great thumbnail!
I made this one a while ago.

How do you guys make thumbnails?

I get my thumbnails off google. lol

Also try to put the casle farther back, that way it looks more realistic, or get another picture that looks less inviting, since you are going to escape the casle.

I would recommend making the castle less detailed, since too much detail in a thumbnail can look really cluttered.

Maybe you could draw your own castle to make it fit the background more. I can’t really say anything here because my thumbnail for my game :eyes:
absolutely terrible (on purpose)

@Bookwyrm703 try putting the castle behind the hill slightly, that will help a lot with perspective

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Maybe Change the gim?

How’s this guys?


The gim is still a little unrealistic though.

but the thumbnail is good though