Can I get a thumbnail for my game (doesn't matter how long you take)

it looks really good! Thank you

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Sorry, I can’t make this one anymore.

i shall do it for you
ⁱ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ⁱ ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵗᵒ, ⁱᵐ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵇᵒʳᵉᵈ


wowza it looks nice.

it took me HOURS.

how did that take hours

oh maybe you don’t have stylus

idk if void is finishing

I might also work on one, IDK.

  1. Call me Fluffy because Void is a discord mod, pretty popular guy
  2. No I’m not finishing lol

It’s probably better to not so that we don’t have to remake the poll multiple times.

i mean gimtaco

hey are you finishing? its been 5 days…

Makes sense, I’ll work on finishing the thumbnail I started.

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Oooh, oops lol.
I mean Vo1d tends to say he’s almost done, then proceeds to not finish for days in a row, then confirm that he’s not finishing…


Ok round purple gim-like puffball.

Please don’t post if your statement doesn’t contribute to the current subject.


I’ll wait for a little bit just in case someone is still making one

yep, no stylus.

Okay first of all I only did that once and also the reason I’m not finished is cause I’m not wasting my summer inside and I’m actually touching this thing that’s called grass.

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Is that okay with you?

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you have accepted death

Hey round purple gim-like puffball what’s grass?