Can I get a thumbnail for my game (doesn't matter how long you take)

My game is called Abandoned Lands what I want in the thumbnail is two characters one being glass half full and the other is the marshmallow gim they are walking with abandoned houses behind them and it is night then just put the name and credit yourself in the thumbnail

Don’t you make thumbnails? I’ve seen you make one and your pretty good

I do but I was gonna try using someone elses just for fun

I’m busy making one right now but if I have time I’ll try

and because this one is to complicated for me to make

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that’s ok take your time

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ok so:

GHF and Marshmellow dude walking
Behind them is an abandoned house
Nighttime in a forest

yes that’s about it but if you want to add your own little detail go ahead

Okay this might actually be easier then the current one I’m doing :+1:t3:

well not just one house its like a small village but if you just put one in the thumbnail that works

Naw I can do a village

no I meant in my game in the thumbnail you can put one or two

…oh. Alright I’ll start tomorrow

ok thank you :slight_smile: ----

I’ll start late today or early tomorrow. Maybe 11pm today or 1-2am tomorrow. Are those good time spans? It’ll be done maybe at…12am.

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Oh wait we might live in different time zones-it’s 9PM and I’m really tired so I’m going to sleep

(I stayed up watching fireworks)

for me its also 9:00 but theres no specific time I need it so take as long as you need

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im tired so I’m going offline I’ll be back tommorow

do you know when your gonna be finished? No rush just wanna know