Can being an spectator or not be a choice that can be added to the Knockout game.....actually to all the games

Can being an spectator or not be a choice that can be added to the Knockout game…actually to all the games

I can call a freind of my called @Astro-123

If you would like to request this, this isn’t the place, as this is for getting help on your gimkit map!

I think your referring to suggesting an idea, so you might want to go to the gimkit noit to suggest it! I don’t have the link, so you might have to ask someone else. To get the gist of the rules here, click more on the left, then FAQ to get the basic rules! Other then that, welcome to the community! And I hope you have a great time here.

In an Official Gimkit game mode, only the host can choose to be a spectator. But in a creative game you can make a pop-up that shows up to all players on game start, and when the primary call to action is clicked (join spectators) use the team switcher device and switch the player spectators. Note that after the player becomes a spectator, he cannot become a player again.

Now I will guide you through making the system:

team switcher

The settings for the pop-up are easy.
the header: Do you want to join Spectator?
Primary call to action: Yes

Use the default settings for the relay and lifecycle,

and for the team switcher, you need to set the settings to: specific team, Spectator

Now we use wires to connect them (press Z)

lifecycle, relay: Event Occurs —> trigger relay
relay, pop-up: relay triggered —> open pop-up
Pop-up, team switcher: Primary call to action clicked —> send player to configured team