Can anyone offer some constructed criticism on my Thumbnail?

Other than the gim at the bottom…I know that’s bad….

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Hehe! I love the cute aesthetic!

Yeah…dont ask about the game title….

I like the color and the thought bubble I think that looks nice but… I like it! I would post it into the games


What does that mean

It looks… easy. Is there any horror in the game?

Whats the um games?


Is there?

it means I think it is good and I would post it into discovery

No horror…its not that easy though, you kinda have to figure it out as you go.

So it’s a puzzle map?

Oh, then I wouldn’t play it. But good thumbnail.

Yeah you fight bosses and get oranges and stuff

I love the way it is colored and designed but in my honest opinion i think that the gim person seems a little blank

Yeah…i know and its really blurry for some reason

no its not blurry on my end

Really? The greenish-teal gim doesn’t look…fuzzy to you?

I can’t post it just yet…my friends tested and there’s a couple bugs to work out

this is what i see