Can anyone make a Thumbnail

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okay, what characters and terrain do you want?(or need)

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I got u brb k

Any dynamic terrain and the Chomzes skin

yeah okay I will give you a thumbnail tomorrow (if I can)

okay I will see all suggestions and i will pick best one.

please try to refrain from posts like these

kk done tell me wat u think :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2024-04-26 5.03.59 PM

It Looks Good and to @T_Sonic54 okay then were do i ask for thumbnails.

thumbnails are allowed or why do say they arent?


i am going to wait for others too just to see all the designs.

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You could go to the discord, wix or a padlet for a thumbnail

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I am on my school computer so i thought i could ask on here i have seen people do it before so i thought that is fine.

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so we are not aloud to maker topics that we need help with thumbnails

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People just assumed that thumbnail requests were allowed, and they flooded the site.

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Thumbnails are for gimkit creative, because if you want to make a map the gimkit creative asks you for a thumbnail or I am wrong?

It does ask for a thumbnail and without it you can’t post.

It says “building with GKC”

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ye not only is it cool seeing how cool people can make thumbnails but making them is also fun cause u use your imagination and whatever u want!

but its part of the progress of building and without it you cant publish the map