Can anyone Help Me Improve this thumbnail (Wow Your looks good Nixximon I will use it (Still don't have any replies)

Admiral Pulsar and Polars

Can you please do it for me?

I will finish tommorw

Some of my previous work: (don’t use them though)

Screenshot 2024-02-17 1.03.35 PM

cant do much with a mouse and maybe add some lighting

I like it but could you try with a mouse also when everyone’s done making them I might do a vote.

I did use a mouse??? and a vote for what?

could you credit me in your bio if your going to use my art as a PFP?


that look good @Nixximon

i like THE HUNGIM GAMES one @VoidFluffy


You could add more details to the ground, like a trap door or something, but other wise it looks pretty good.

The return of the g.o.a.t thumbnail maker

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Well done. This is a 10/10 Thumbnail. One thing tho, the Is are not uppercase and the rest are. Why is this?

This new user can hide text and make it invisible… possible alt…
(no offense Gimator, just trying to protect the forums)

That was the creative choice of the person who made the thumbnail all i did was improve it

It’s decent, just add large outlines and fix the floor.

Thanks bro


Also about the thumbnail can you tell me what you want to see?

Work I’ve done bellow

My work

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Yea i will

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