Can anyone Help Me Improve this thumbnail (Wow Your looks good Nixximon I will use it (Still don't have any replies)

Gimkit thumbnail new floor I keep trying to make a thumbnail and it doesn’t work out can someone do it for me?

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Make the ground and backround more… Gimlike.

Welcome to the forums Gimator!
Also, I think your thumbnail looks very good, and nothing needs to be changed :grin: !

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Hi! Thank you for the idea, I don’t have a good editing software and what do you mean more gimlike? If you could make it that would mean the world to me.

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Like, use gimkit terrains.

I’m already making a thumbnail for myself, so I can’t make one, sorry.

It’s ok do you know anyone who could do it for me?

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Let me ping some people. (sorry if anyone I ping doesn’t want to be pinged)

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I saw it already, basically simplify the floor and background, hand-draw the gims if you can, and remove the black line.

bob6000 doesn’t want to be pinged

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Some criticism:
The ground is kinda weird
What is the black line?
The title should be straight

I haven’t been getting a lot of plays and thought it was my thumbnail. Every time I make a new thumbnail I get less and less plays and I think it is because it is bad. I was hoping you could edit my thumbnail and make it improved or make me a new thumbnail on the central topic. Please?

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I’ll try, give me a day.

Ok, Thanks do you know if anyone else that can do it if you can’t?

I can, I’m gonna try…

Thank you!!!

can you provide the files that you used for the gims

I used the snowbrawl map and added those Gims in a changed the background and floor.

OK, do you know the names of the gims? (so I can google search it)

It’s good the only thing I see wrong is thicken the lines on the legs

Polaris and General Pulsar

I can try to recreate it, it’ll take me a day, though.