Can anyone help me i cant walk in my game when it starts!

Can anyone help me i cant walk in my game when it starts! Anyone?

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Okie, so care to elaborate a bit more? About what glitch your experiencing?
Maybe try refreshing? Hosting the same world again?

Is it possible that you put down walls thinking that it was a floor?

Just spitballin here.

Yes, that is most likely the answer. (I’ve had similar problems and it turned out I placed walls thinking they were floor tiles.)

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to help with your problem you could have placed walls insted of floor tiles and you can’t move on that.

another one is that your not pressing the arrow keys

next one is that you placed an object or barrier on top of you can didn’t turn off the colision for it

but we really can’t help you with your problem until you elborate your problem is it a creative world, or is it a gamemode (do not share the code to your game you can be banned so just tell us)

Check if you made the tererian walls. If you did, you will have to erase, but if you didn’t than I don’t know whats wrong.