Can anyone give advice on my find the button map?💜

HI! I recently made and published a find-the-button map called Find the Button- King’s Mansion!
I would like some advice on how to improve it, and make it more appealing to the eyes of someone who would view creative! I would appreciate it if you guys could help me since I’m new!:purple_heart:

here are some screenshots!:purple_heart:( I would post the link to play but it says it’s not allowed!)

![Screenshot 2024-01-30 8.56.52 AM|690x387]



Welcome to the forum @Kat_aronii, I think your map looks really good. You should crop out the top of the pictures to avoid showing the code, even if it’s inactive you can get flagged for it.


Also the bookmarks and stuff…. Though nitro type is epic bro, i forgot i used to play that in school. And not the booklet cheats lol

The only thing that i am not a fan of is the random duck text…. Maybe make it so you enter a zone and a pop up or notification says that?

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This map looks sick! As far as design goes, I really like the wooden poles used as a ‘second wall’. I’ve never seen someone do that before, but it’s really creative and adds a lot of depth to the map. Honestly, I think it looks pretty done!
Maybe add some flowers and bushes around outside where there aren’t any trees, but otherwise, it looks great! Good luck with your map, I’m looking forward to playing it when it’s done! : D

MAybe give us a sample/ link to it in your bio so I can give suggestions

This map looks amazing! It looks very well made. Also, welcome to the forums @Kat_aronii ! Honestly, I’m surprised that this is your first post, seeing that you joined early last month, but nonetheless welcome!

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@awesomeT43 Thank you! i will keep this in mind!

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@cheesebox thank you so much! and thanks for the advice for adding flowers!

I tried giving a sample link,( showcase link) but it would not let me because I had a gimkit url!
thanks for the suggestion though!

great Job!
One thing I would suggest is make clues so that players will have a slight idea of where the button is. They need to visit all of the clues on the map to find the right one! If you click the wrong one, it can kill you or give u a useless item.

@ TryEverything yeah, I forgot I even had those bookmarks since they were there since elementary! I will try my best to make a popup for it! It’s actually a reference for forest fire’s duck song wich is honestly so fire when I feel a little silly!

If anyone wants tutorials on how I built certain things in my map, feel free to ask! I will be honored to do a tutorial!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading the guidelines. You don’t know how much it helps the community and how happy it makes them feel when new users actually read the guidelines

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Okay I am trying it out Rn