Camera Zoom Help

Is it possible to make the character’s camera zoom smaller during the actual game (not edit mode.)? What I mean by making their camera zoom smaller is to make it where the character can see more around them.

nope. you can expand how much the camera zoom covers, i believe, but cant adjust how far it zooms in and out. sorry!

Okay, that’s fine. I’ll just have to make everything smaller for my project then. Thanks!


You could use the camera device.

@William That can only shrink the player’s view. @PotionMaster wanted to make it larger.

oh i must had misunderstood.

Nope!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Quick tip, to bypass the character limit put characters in <>. Make sure you only put letters and no spaces. The characters in <> should disappear.


Your X’s look cute, but to look slightly less dorky, just put gibberish between these: <>
No punctuation, or spaces though.

can’t you just make a code to zoom out?

just stretch out the camera tool

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btw this is resovled