Camera View Shows Nothing

So I was trying to figure out the camera view (Devices ) limit, and this happened:

I was resizing it to be as small as possible so I could fit more. I took the bottom-right corner and dragged it all the way up to the top-left corner of my computer screen (very quickly), and then it blacked out. It’s possible to do it multiple times, too.

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Re-opening the map makes it go away

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It’s obviously not because of the memory usage due to the memory saying 1%.

Weird bug, though. I guess the only thing to fix this bug is to reopen the map.

Yeah this happened to me once and I just had to close out and reopen for it to fix…

Something similar happened to me yesterday. Suddenly everyone’s camera angle except the game host was stuck in one place. I didn’t even place any camera view devices. You can even walk out of the view and your camera will still be in one place.

Was that the spectator glitch?

Yeah, i think that’s what he’s talking about. That bug is really annoying and it still isn’t fixed to this day.


i guess i can just reopen it


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