Camera help/question (more of a question)

Is there a way to make it so your camera is looking somewhere without your gim in view for a certain amount of time. Like in game cutscenes?

Hide your gim behind something, like a barrier. Also set the speed to 0 so the player can’t move.


what about the timing?

in my question i was wondering how you would make it a certain time as well

Certain time for what specifically? The amount of time the cutscenes last?

yes. did you read the whole topic post…

That isn’t exactly possible as of now, but if you’re doing a cutscene, you can teleport them behind a barrier or prop on the above layer so the player isn’t visible.

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Lifecycle > Wire Repeater (with the amount of time the cutscene lasts) > Teleporter (to whatever area)

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thank you for the help! both of you!

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