Calling out to @Doge1 i have a couple of thumbnail ideas but i want to see yours because you made one for my friend and i thought it was good

The maps name is goon island (still working on it but if i change it i’ll let yall know) and the map is basically some bad guy who takes over the island your on and your job is to beat him by taking out his goons (some npc’s and others being bosses) the bosses will drop items that you need to craft the key to the bad guys castle (the only things missing are really a thumbnail) also not released yet

yo, @migal4446 you already posted this topic once, you can summon your friend from that topic, please refrain from reposts, they just cause cutter

how do i summon people

just @migal4446

k so @Doge1 can u make a thumbnail for me cuz u made one for my friend and i want to see what ur thumbnails would look like for my game (if your ok with it)

I have one, but I have to use a proxy in order to respond on the forum, check your Gmail

@migal4446 check gmail

Not sure you’re supposed to summon people inside of your title….

Please do not do that here. Don’t post spam topics.
Move this private conversation somewhere else. A Padlet or the wix site are good alternatives.

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I’m sorry, but I am just being useful.

Are you two on the site now?
If so, mark a solution so this can close.
We don’t need topics used as chats.

I do not have access to do that, so do not drag me into that…

Well, can you use a Padlet…?

by constantly replying you are dragging this out, no, padlet is blocked by my school.

@migal4446 just mark a solution so it can close, thanks! :slight_smile:

sry my computer was dead for a while

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