Call of GIM TDM weapons room ideas

Any ideas for a weapons room for CALL OF GIM, TDM.

Can I see the current weapons room?

Use some medevial props like Sword Molds.

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I don’t have one yet i looking at ideas before build and editing that one to make it different from the original.

you can make training swords out of wood and metal swords out of, well metal. You can also make bows with backboard legs and text lines (a text line: —) and an axe out of barriers and woodel poles.

With like gadgets as well.

I swear on my life I’m not trying to commercialize my post! but check out my map in Creative for a reference search “VILLA” It’s a map based on Call of Duty villa. that’s why I thought you could use Da_king_Pepetheprawn

A bit too serious and dramatic you say?

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