Bypassing a Bug

There’s a bug. Its unfixable. So how do I bypass it? For my platformer, I have an input system for a, w, and d. Here it is:
The zones teleport the player back to the teleporter.

Most of the time, it doesn’t teleport me back, and it even sometimes lets me get out of the barrier. It seems like an inevitable bug cause by server-client lag. This would ruin my platformer game. How would I bypass this?

For context, I’m using speed 3.

This bug is based on how zones input and broadcast using ticks so when you enter a zone and then enter another input which is fast enough to be on the same tick, it would simply not activate the input and register you as in the zone even though you left and entered again, you can fix this by spacing the zones a little farther away from the teleporter and lower the speed to 0.5 like this:

Screenshot 2023-10-13 8.53.41 PM

TDLR: Bug based on zone updating enter/leaving on the same tick which doesn’t register and invalidates the input, fix it by lowering speed to 0.5.

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I need the maximum possible speed though. What is the fastest speed that would work then?

Or could I make the barriers farther away from the zones?

If you space the zones a little outward from the zones just like my image above you can get 1.2 speed or if you want it to be more stable, you can set it to 1.0 anything higher just phases you out the box because of collision issues.

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Ok. Thanks!

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