Buying item on popup

How do I make it so that there is a button that opens a popup, and you can buy weapons on the popup. When you select the item, I want another popup to come up asking about the rarity, then after that there is a counter and two buttons that you can adjust the amount of items. After 30 seconds, a box appears with a button that says open, and then you can get what you ordered.

Maybe try using this guide:

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it helps but what about the second part i said?

the delay and the counter

Adding on what @wingwave said, you could make a lot of crates (not visible on game start with a button that is invisible and not active on game start)
And you could connect the call to actions to activate and show the crates corresponding to the item chosen in the popup.

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You will need to use a lot of call to action buttons and wiring popup to popup.

Can’t get on Creative right now, sorry.

What do you want to delay?

what about the counter

the box appearing

Look at the previous post I made.

You’ll need to wire a repeater to the counter and make it repeat until 30 seconds. Also make the counter do what you want once it reaches 30 seconds.

Oof, the last part may need an entire coordinate system. I suggest you just grant it into the players’ inventory.

what about the counter part

I want the counter to select the amount of items

Sorry, I have to go for a little bit. I’ll see if I can help you later.

You could have it so when the popup opens, you have a popup chain that allows you to choose which item you want. Then when you choose your item, you could have another popup chain that allows you to choose the rarity. This solution could take up about a percent of space or more. Then you could use a property to store the information and based on the information grant the item into the player’s inventory.

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@wingwave already helped me with that part, but thank you for the detail

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