Buttons orange changing color help

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do u know anyone who can?

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An orange button means it’s deactivated. You can make the button deactivate itself when it’s pressed

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because if i place down a normal button w/o doing anything to do
i can press it over and over again

Havn’t really read the other replies yet, but all you need to do is go into settings and make when button pressed broadcast something EX: “a” then go into settings more and make deactivate on EX: “a”. Now when you press the button it turns orange and does not let you click it. If you still want to press it make all the rest, but make another button that is NOT visible and NOT active on game start, and when receiving “a” it activates. Ta-Da that’s all.

Ok, now that I have gone through, @adagio_sostenuto, can you mark solution, because there are a lot of them here.

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@RektRainbow Yes, that’s what it does by default, but you can change that if needed. You can make it send a signal on channel x when pressed, and deactivate when receiving a signal on channel x. That way it deactivates itself, which can be helpful if someone wants to only be able to press it once.

i know
i had to go through a painful experience of placing down like 30 buttons, 30 wire repeaters, and like 60 wires
and i didnt even know how to use channels back then :moyai:
but yea
kittens jst made another solution worthy post
@adagio_sostenuto HURRY UPPPPPPPPPP

just do what chrysostom said to do, it works, and if you have multiple buttons, just use different channel names

wait does using channels use memory cause if not

nope. no memory at all.

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this is off topic i will have to flag you

Put a button and a wire repeater.
Wire the button to the wire repeater (Button Pressed —> Repeat the wire pulse!)
Now wire the wire repeater to the button (When the wire pulse is repeated… —> Deactivate Button)


I’m pretty sure no one’s gonna do gyatt wars (whatever that is.)


i already marked a solution

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Yeah i know, the other one uses channels while mine uses wires

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