Buttons orange changing color help

i see in peoples games they have it where you press a button and then it turns orange once you press it how to do that

Can you change this to help?
People turn the buttons by deactivating them, you can do that through channels or wires.
Hope I helped


adding on to sythic, go to the buttons’ channel settings. then broadcast on channel “pressed” when the button is pressed. When receiving on channel “pressed” deactivate button. Easy and simple!


Yay! Spoof added more snom neccesities!

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Wait, a device can receive a channel from itself?

yes. they always could.

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You could use triggers if you’re lazy and want to use wires

wire repeaters would be more efficient there.

Wow then I wasted lots of Wire Repeaters…

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at least wire repeaters are so cheap in memory cost

Yeah, but channels have 0 memory cost*.

*Or a multiple of 40 if you want to get complated with stuff.


@adagio_sostenuto if any of these post say what you want, mark the solution because I can spot a lot of them here.

button pressed, broadcast on channel: deactivate button
deactivate button when receiving on channel: deactivate button

Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at 3.09.43 PM

Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at 3.10.02 PM


should i do this @chrysostom than would it turn the button orange?

well other people said great stuff
jst look at DJ_FEVER’s post
and pick one that worked for you

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@RektRainbow I am awaiting to see what @chrysostom says to my question

It will turn the button orange if you do what chrysostom said

@Sythic ok I was just making sure (:smiley: I will mark the solution later so please do not nudge me about it ok? kool

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yes it would…

why ask me? test it out :smile:

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@DJ_FEVER I will make @chrysostom a solution soon tho not yet

@chrysostom thanks for the picturesand thanks @Sythic for being helpfull

can you make me a thumbnail for a mini game. it has capture the flag, gyatt watrs, escape room, race, box fight, and a maze.