Buttons for smth im working on

So, I need to know if its possible to have buttons in the middle of your screen. And then when one of those buttons are clicked, something happens.

You could use a pop up with call to action buttons though.

You can’t have buttons in the middle of your screen, just in the corners. What did you want to use it for? You might be able to use a pop-up depending on the situation

Ah, it was worth a shot.

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Call to action buttons are like the things on the Fishtopia popups that say like fish again or close

I was gonna make a shooter game, and the buttons in the middle screen would be your “Classes”

Elaborate on what you mean by that.

You can use what Thats Gimpossible suggested. If you need more than two buttons, connect one button to a pop-up with more call to action buttons.

The “Classes” would be a different type of loadout. For example a “Soldier” would be a balanced loadout, a rare zapper with a medkit and a shield.

Well you could have a pop up that is activated on game start that shows them or allows them to chose a class that closes automatically when they choose one or is manually closed if it only shows them what class they have

I’m working on this w/ my friend. We were hoping it would be possibe to “Vote” for a map. and once that map is chisen. the buttons would appear.

Activate the pop up once the map is voted for.

If you need to be able to chose a class and you have more than 2, use

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How would the popup work?? As far as ik, the popups are just notifications, but bigger.

Popups have call to action buttons like the fish again button on the popup in fishtopia.

Alright, I will have to try it.

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Also, you know what I mean by the fish again buttons in fishtopia, right?

Yeah, even though i haven’t played it since creative came out. (don’t mean to get off topic, but it’s weird how they have a whole community dedicated to gimkit creative. Gimkits meant for studying.)

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(Well, gimkit creative can be used for studying)

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