Button to teleport with certain item

So in my game I tried to make it so you press a button and it teleports you to somewhere else but you need a certain item. I tried using inventory item managers and triggers but I never know what to wire stuff to. In the game you press a button when you get an item and it teleports you to somewhere else but it wonโ€™t work. please help :confused:

Hmm. I have an idea.

  • Buttons
  • Checker
  • Teleporter
Step one

Put the checker to 1 check. At 1st check place whatever item you want to whatever many they need.

Step 2

Wire the button to the checker. When the button is pressed โ†’ Check (or whatever I forgot.) then wire the checker to the teleporter. Check passes โ†’ Teleport here.

Hope this helps!

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Thankyou so much it worked!

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