Button/ sentry help

is there a way to add sentry’s with the push of a button?


Button (button pressed)—>sentry (activate sentry)

Wire a button to a sentry.

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Sentry) Activate Sentry

@The_7th_Dragon your wire formatting style is just like me but reversed (the device doesn’t have a parenthesis but the wire option has)

Heh we did the same thing… @MAXimusprime mark whichever as the solution…

lol yeah…for a while I couldn’t figure out how to get the weird font…

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i mean like multiply a senterry

I don’t know if there is a way to multiply the sentry. But you can place multiple of them down and make so all of them are active when a button is pressed.

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Thats what i would do

you can use multiple counters that increment when a player presses the button and when the target is reached it multiplies the sentries activated

or just use blocks and a counter-linked property that multiplies each button press and broadcasts a message on a channel

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