Button Question! This is an add on question to the one I had before

How do you make it so only one player can press a button. Like in multiplayer if there is 4 players and you only want 1 to be able to press a button. Thanks!

Use a Relay and set to what you want.
Then wire the relay to the button.
Make sure the relay is wired to a lifecycle on game start

im pretty sure that option Is in the settings of the button, or maybe not idk, I don’t have gimkit pulled up right now

There has to be a condition for being able to press the button.
I don’t know if you’re looking for this, but you can set the activate scope to player.

Relays won’t work in FFAs where there’s no teams.
Also, you can just ask this in your previous topic.

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too late.
Also, you could if you select random player, right?

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There is an option called Active Scope but the only options are player global and team and I’m confused.


This should help.

Scope is the same for all devices, except some text-storing devices (ex. game overlay & popup have a content scope, which players will be able to see the popup’s content and will it differ for different players)


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Oh ok thanks for helping!

So I added the zones that will switch you to team one or two but the teams still don’t pop up under scope it just says “team”

That’s not how scope works.
Scope is which player are affected by the active scope and triggered the activation/deactivation.

Player Scope = Active scope only applies to the person who pressed the button

Global Scope = Active scope applies for everyone, not just the player who pressed the button.

Team scope = Active scope applies for the whole team of the player who pressed the button

oh ok now I think I understand thanks!

Wait isn’t there 4 scopes?

no just three I have the game open

My bad I forgot did some stuff with @Haiasi now I cant think

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