Button pressed → increment counter (make the counter update a property called Teleport Back) Grab a property, name it Teleport Back, and make it player scoped Button pressed → run check (make the check if Teleport Back = 0 Check passes → teleport here

@LlamaLady22 Just show me a pic of the check and the setting please

dude please stop pinging me give me a second please

ok sorry just do it tho and i will stop i just wan tmy game to rk

@LlamaLady22 this does not work they are just in the same place

what you describe of it working i want that to happen

Why do i even need the counter in the first place dosent that stop it from wroing or is your idea just not wrk at all because i really want this to wrok but the idea you gave me @LlamaLady22 Did not work at all so tell me what i could to to fic this please @LlamaLady22

the counter is to update the property, so you can distinguish the difference of the person who pressed the button, and everyone else, so you can teleport everyone else, but not the person who pressed the button, which is what you want, right?

@LlamaLady22 @LlamaLady22n @LlamaLady22 I want the person who pressed the button to be like first and then when they push that button the people behind that person will telport with the person who pushed the button understand what i mean now

post deleted by author, by the way she has to go offline sorry

is this her mothher she was just helping me with something and dont need to know that she is a girl keep that to yourself and herself while on the forums

my username is literally llamalady

Could mean that the lama is a lady

but back to the topic how would you go about sloving this

Not exactly part of the solution you are looking for but it’s a good idea to put a short, descriptive title instead of a long title. Put the long description in the big box instead:

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