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I am making a map and need to know how to make a button so that it can only be pressed by a certain player. I have put the scope as player but I dont know how to get it so that a specific player gets to press that button

You could make it so if a person is on team 1 or 2, then have it on teams, then that person would be the only one to press the button. Tell me if this works, please. Cause I’m not sure if it will. :confused:

okay I’ll try that but wont it make other players on that team too?

What sorts who gets to press the button and who doesn’t?

If you make it so each spawn pad is for different teams, it will do that (I think)
So if spawn pad spawns say, team 2, and it only spawns 1 person, then the button will only work for that person (I think, this is a theory)

oh okay also @getrithekd i dont know

Like does only one team get to press it, or does a random player get to press it, or something else?

I want only one specific player to be able to press the button

i will see if it could work, and then I’ll let you know the results.

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It doesn’t work, but you can use zones and have it so when: person enters zone → wire → button → deactivate.
or vise versa. (by vise versa I mean have it activate on different zone)

okay thanks that will help alot

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