Button availability not working

What did I do wrong

First of all, how are you testing this?

Im duplicating tabs and Im on team 5 but I cant press the button

You have to clear your history and go back into the game

Used to work but doesn’t now for some reason

I don’t think you need the lifecycle and relay, just set the active scope to team 5.

Thanks everyone who responded, i gtg now so Ill test the suggestions tomorrow and then mark a solution.

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am I Stoopid or can you add spaces in channels?

that is not possible, although you can set the scope to team…

what on earth?

yes, you can.

your system should work as long as the players are on team 5 at the start of the game, because this activates the button for the players on team five at the start of the game… so if the player joins later it still isn’t available

Hey everybody,

Tried suggestions but didn’t make sense.

Can’t do that, admin blocked it

I did a “switch to team 5” but the button is not available still


event: game start

relay audience: random player on specific team (team 5)

active on game start: no
scope: team

lifecycle, relay: event occurs —> trigger relay
relay, button: relay triggered —> activate button