Bunker survival game help

but on-topic ill get you it

Can I just plop any character on the bunker map for me

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if you want you can wait till tomorrow…looks at reply count…HOLY [Redacted for language] SO MANY REPLIES SO SOON!


I will add you for free…but you must be okay with being eaten by blizzy in the thumbnail! if so give me image of your faviorate gim… (nothing is free…you must pay with an image to be eaten by blizzy!

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i got it
Screenshot 2024-02-26 7.55.56 PM
Screenshot 2024-02-26 7.55.51 PM
just use a free ouline cutter for the images so they have a clear backround

You might find your skeleton skin right here

thank you very much!

Lez goo!

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alrighty just make it so i have the skelly skin with like a hood and a scythe thats all i want is to jump hit the plane take it out

give me your fave gim with a sythe in hand…
you must provide image of gim
and an image of weapon
whenever you can today tommarow, etc.
and i will add it.

uhm could you find just a random picture of a scythe idc what one ill provide the gim

im on a school computer…i may not be the brightest but i know not to look up a scythe on a school computer!

ok sure it can happen.

thats not bad ur good ive looked up worse on my computer but for research purposes not bad purposes

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You will be fine! I look up funeral directors all the time. Do not look into that statement

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i’m not looking it up…also if you want a place in thumbnail (almost out of them)
get me an image of a godzilla gim…either one someone else made or one you make…
(not a wearable gim but a artwork custom image)

Wait, you’re making a nuclear map with godzilla? Cool.

@Legobuilder tell me when you’ve made it I have to see it.

@Li1_reaper I could make it…

godzilla might maybe be in the real game…we will see what community thinks…its just for show…(i am obsessed with godzilla…there are nukes in this thumbnail (or soon will be) godzilla MUST BE IN THUMBNAIL…
or NOBODY IS!!!(Joking but i do want him in there)