Bunker survival game help

I need help making a thumbnail for me and wolftechs wip gamemode…
It needs to relate to this description of gamemode.

I need a dark dungeon like pathway with cobwebs and its dark but EXTREMELY detailed…
with a clawed hand from the shadows grabbing a dodge gim with name of legobuilder under it (where a in game player name would be) and a flurry gim with a working flashlight walking ahead in the darkness with name wolftech under it…but your name in the corner saying thumbnail by (your name)

I also need help with house design…you can pick from any of the rooms below and even do multiple and show me your build design…but it needs to be setup where you have spots to grab items that would be needed to survive (food,water, weapons, etc.)


A garage+regular basement.

Floor 1

A kitchen with pantry
A living room with sofa facing tv
A dining room

Floor 2


Floor 3

A tiny floor with work office and a ladder to attic


A oak wooden small room with random jumbled items and a axe against the wall.

if anyone adds art for every room for the house i will have them be added to the front thumbnail along with the creators me and wolftech

we have a thumbnail already but if you want you can make your own…if it beats the current one then ill pick it…


art is reserved for guides

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does anyone have anything? thumbnail or room designs?

Building a room right now- the attic

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Dibs on the thumbnail

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Screenshot 2024-02-23 6.13.07 PM


Yes…what what name would you like to be credited as?

MirMir is fine :blush:


Ummm @Legobuilder can’t find the wolf and fox Gim…

Ik there’s such thing as a fox gim but not a wolf gim…

oh there is a wolf gim



:smiley: tysm @William now I can finish the thumbnail

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@Legobuilder are these the gims your talking about?

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well the fox one yes…but for wolf something like the one you suggested but dark gray

Is it a real gimkit skin?

No but if all can be done is the flurry gim you suggested i fine with that.

@Legobuilder does this work for you?

can ya take away apple gim and the stache gim? and mabybe in front of the fox and wolf have a escape hatch prop?
othere than that i LOVE it!!!
would you like to add your favorite gim next to fox or wolf for extra credit to you? ( i will add named credit inside but on the outside you deserve a special spot in the cover if ya want it!