Bugs with my game

I have a lot of bugs in my game but i dont know why. For example the vending machines are present but not working.

I made a button so it can open the questioner and i made it so when a player knocks it give cash but thats not working either
NEED HELP PLZZ :face_holding_back_tears:

That code is invalid right :slight_smile:

Um, you might want to crop out that code. They’re not allowed, sorry.
And also your personal information is there, too, so remove that also.

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ok i’ll take off the code

Okay, so let me see your settings.

for what, the devices?


Why not use a knockout manager instead of a relay? Your relay is granting cash to everyone.
And, yes, channels can be confusing, so why not let me show you how to do it.

ok thank you!!
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