Bugs on Dig it up

So I was playing Dig it up and All I had needed was the 5 diamonds. I went to the bottom but I only found 2 after digging up like half of the bottom. Plus, all of the excess resources that I’d left created so much lag that the game crashed.

I only found one last time I played…

i found too much there were like no rubies or silver only diamond

I guess you have to deal with it until they can balance things out on’t Dig It Up


the gamemode was released today ofc it will have bugs!

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ya there is really nothing to do about it I guess just wait and I’m sure they will balance it out

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You probably just got unlucky because according to Gimkit, the mines are randomly generated.

Yeah, I know, but They should at least make a minimum of 5 diamonds.

Sorry if you don’t know but this Forum is only for gimkit creative but dig it up does not have anything to do for creative but it might change in the future so this could change.

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