Bug teleport in tag domination

i found a bug, I touched the barrier under teleport when you got teleport

Its not bug its just flaw the barrier isnt big enough

How did you get this to happen? Telling us the steps helps us replicate this bug.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 8.29.57 AM

it aint big 'nough

Just go to the bottom of the barrier.

Oh, that’s the bug in tag and one way out. I don’t think it has gotten patched but if you attempt to purchase the teleportal and rush at it at the same time then you will get teleported for free.

wait this is this gimkit creative or… not…


I think you can do it if you don’t make the barrier too big.

make it bigger its a glitch but it aint gimkit creative related so maybe mark a solution so that this can close

I just run at it and it teleports me.

@skygamer4 this is considered off topic because it does not relate to GKC. Please mark a solution to close this.

I already sent josh an email and he said he would look into it. The reason is because of the new hitbox for gims. Please mark this as the solution.
Screenshot 2023-11-27 9.46.46 AM