Boss pseudo-health

I am using 1-hp props to count hits and multiply by the player’s damage to get total damage in a pseudo-health boss fight. The bug is that props have about a second of their hitbox still being in the same place after being destroyed.
Bugged Edit Does any technical gimkiter know a way to bypass this?

Do you 100% know it is becuase of the props? Try different weapons with faster firing rates and see if that works.

Isn’t zapper the fastest fire rate?

Not sure. Lemmie find the TUG for weapon stats.

no i think its snowball launcher

Here’s the list of stats (including firing rates):

The problem is not the fire rates of the gadgets, but the props getting destroyed and still acting like they are there for about a second.

I dont think there is any way to currently bypass it as it is basically just the game slightly lagging…

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I don’t think so either, but I wanted to know if any super technical gim knew how to. (meant to reply to The_7th_Dragon)

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