Boss Fight plz help

I need stats for the player and the boss

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Do you want the boss to be much more powerful than the player, or just a little stronger? Example: player 100, boss 1000 or player 100, boss 300.

yea he should be stronger

But by how much?

2x stronger than the player

How about. Player 100hp 100shield. Boss 2500hp

multiplayer or single player?
if you want you can use adaptive health for more player

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nice idea
but what about the weapons?

That’s a good Idea ngl

The weapons? The evil eye in my suggestion is one of the most strongest.

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Boss: Legendary blaster, slingshot, or evil eye. Player: Common to Rare blaster or snow launcher.

Adjust the player health to as much as you want (ex: 100 health and 50 shield). Then just simply place down a sentry and give it 300 health or any combination of health and shield you’d like. The weapon the sentry is given can also change the difficulty because of how often they must reload. Hope this helps!

that might be too strong it should be hard

Yes, exactly like @FrostyPenguin246 said! The solution is marked! I hope @FrostyPenguin246 helped you out!!

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