Boss battles thumbnail ( requesting the community for one this time)

Hello y’all
yes, I the artist requesting a thumbnail, I would like to do It myself but
Instead, I would like to hand-pick one the community made!
(also, I kinda don’t have the time to do it, so yea)

here is what I would like:

  • Three Gims looking up to a giant boss gim ( the three gims facing forward, and no eyes towards the viewer!) one gim must be chompz costume, the others will be up to you.

  • the giant boss gim will be pop cat ( don’t ask me why, you’ll find out in later updates of the game)

  • the current update ( the release update) Is sky islands, so I would like the gims to be on a sky island if possible.

What I would like it to be done like:

  • some hand-drawn aspects, It’s okay if you combo it.
    what I said previously

alright! I’m excited to see what you’ll cook up! due date to turn in final draft- March 5th,2024
there will be a voting poll, no alt accounts voting for yourself and no voting for yourself please.
I want this as fair as possible! goodluck!

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I can do it! Question, do you wat a pop cat to be a gim, or just pop cat?

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either one would be fine


ohh…i would be able to help…but i am an average drawer, but terrible at drawing on devices.
you could put this in foxys guide for more people to see it.(put link to this post there as it is a request)

that’s alright!
This will be a community-picked thumbnail and It doesn’t
matter if you’re bad at drawing or not
at least have fun doing it!

also, thumbnail tips and requests is still shutdown.

I dont mind helping. (i got nothing to do)

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Just an FYI, foxy said people should request things by editing the wiki. So, its still open. Kinda.

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hey wait a sec i thought of this first

ive been wanting to make a boss battle game for awhile

also i can draw good enough

It’s kinda bare right now. Anything else I should add?

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maybe some clouds in the background?
though, you still have time to put in rough drafts and finals
and maybe have one of the gims hold a weapon?

Oh yeah, I forgot to add those!

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Mhm! Any weapon or a specific one? And also, do you want a title in the thumbnail?

any weapon would be fine
and yea, Can the Title be Boss Battles: Update 1.0

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alright! nobody else had posted a submission, so @MirMirCreates I will be using your thumbnail!
I really like it also!

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