Booting up a map says invalid intent

I’m not sure if this is a bug, because it looks like it was intentional.

The most cliche solutions: reload, restart, and report.

Yeah, those are the main things that you can do.

(wowee, never seen @WhoAmI post anything but Devices and Community Made Guides)

I am aware of this, and it did work, but I am curious to see why this showed up.

It’s probably either the server status, firewalls, websocket connection/proxy servers, or your internet turned off for some reason.

that’s a lot of possibilities

No, and yes, i have never had this but i have had the strait up error message, so try restarting you device and let me know if that works. Then we can discuss further.

Well, all they want to know is how it happened. Mark a solution when you’re ready, @WhoAmI (can’t believe I just said that)!


This probably happens when your map took up a lot of memory and the gimkit servers weren’t able to load it in (this happens to me sometimes, a quick hit of Ctrl + R should fix it.)

You’re back! WhoAmI just wanted to know why it happened. They already fixed it.

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