Blocks won't connect

I was just doing blocks from somebody when 1 of the blocks does not want to connect with the “=, <, >, etc.” blocks. When 1 block is already connected, you can’t connect the other one to the different spot.

(Need gif to explain, how do i record a gif using chromebook?)

it’s not a bug, I can tell you that



for the gif use a screen recorder and turn it into a gif using canva.

This kind of thing happens when you try to put a text variable where a number should go. My first post was a bug post like this. Check your variables and properties.


I didn’t use any variables, and the property number is 0. (the property type is also a number, obviously)

I can’t. I need to log in to turn it into a gif and my school won’t let us log in or sign up.

That’s blocked on Chromebook.
At least for me.


The post from @awesomeT43 had variables, the pink blocks.

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Yeah, i didn’t have these pink blocks.

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did u use get property?
its in essentials

Yes, i did.

ok then I don’t know

Actually, i was wrong. I forgot the “Get Property” Block and browsed the property from the property section.

As @CassiusDoomlorde said, it’s true, this is NOT a bug.


U are suppose to mark someone else’s post not your’s
just saying

Well, it does look like this is the solution, but okay.

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