Block code just not running

I deleted it while in debugging process.

Did you replicate it?

I replicated it just now, and it didn’t work. One sec and I will get things to you.

At first, I just had the set property block, and it changed. But when I added the if/else block, the property did not change.

Maybe put the get property part first and then the number 1.

I was just going to say that.

Remember, checkers work now. If all else fails, you have a workaround.


Very true!! I am so excited with this update because checkers are my favorite device

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But then the end code would be false. In this case, it needs to be true. It should be true according to things. Also, the checkers would not help because I would need to go> if fails> and then block code.

If you’re just incrementing a property by one, you don’t need block code, just a counter.

I’m not incrementing anything.

Then you could have the property represented by the amount of item in your inventory. You can clear all then grant one, right?

I am not comprehending. The property is your level of snowball launcher, for upgradable weapons.

Give me a few minutes to get a picture of what I mean.

2 hours later :skull:


Uh… I was working on it.

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Heh, understandable, it’s known when someone says they need a couple minutes to get pictures, to be very flexible about the meaning of “a few minutes”. Hey even the great Cameron Sharer did it!


The fact that now checkers are more reliable than block code :skull:.


This was a statement that I never wanted to hear, block code is not working!