Block code ideas

Can yall help me come up with ideas that use block code?

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Block code can be used for anything! You can use it to make low level (hardware) things like a screen, and also make very high level stuff like my voting system.


i need ideas that use block code, like a voting thing or chess

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Maybe Backgammon! I don’t exactly remember to play, but you move your chip a certain way after rolling. Search it up, it could be quite fun!

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Make golden balls/ the prisoners dilemma with a few AI’s.

I suggest chinese checkers.

The prisoners dilemma! A great mini-game? Although, you could make that without block code.

What is the difference between checkers and Chinese checkers?

True, but block code would make it easier

Chinese checkers has 6 sides, no captures, and you must move all pieces to the other side of the board

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Another suggestion is chess

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Its a hexagon with triangles sticking out, no captures, and you have to get all of your 10 pieces into the opposite triangle (your opponent’s base).

Wow, everyone knew that except for me. Sound cool and a lot less complicated that regular checkers. And chess is good, but only if you have another map slot and too much perseverance.


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