Block Code Help: Christmas Event

:deer: emoji to look like reindeer is what you mean? ok…the emoji posted is different from what i put in…

Make the counter edit a property. Make the blocks in the overlay show the property using a create text block.

How would I make the counter edit the property, would the property be numberbased?


Yes for both.

ok…i’m still learning gimkit block code and how to use it… and this is giving me a headache just trying to understand haiasi’s post so i’m out… hope you find your solution @TaigaBiome


So, just to confirm, I’d have a counter with atarget value of 10, and a number-based property, would the property name be Reindeer, and then the property scope would be player, as the reindeer should be for an individual player, how would I transmit to the game overlay through the property.

Yes but the scope is your choice.
It’ll change the Game Overlay’s text using blockcode like this (make a seperate block in the game overlay, not the trigger)

if Get Property “ReindeerCount” = 1
do Set Text “Reindeer: 1”

Okay, I’m going o mark a solution and try to figure this out…

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