Blastball Questions

Alright, your local chunky here. So I have a few starting questions that I can’t test right now: (my other device not being able to sign in to my season pass account is so annoying)

  1. Is the speed of the blastball determined by damage or by the number of hits?
  2. When a blastball hits a player, does it pass through, or bounce?
  3. Can a blastball trigger a trigger?
  4. When the blastball bounces, can it avoid triggering a ball capture zone? Can it go over something when it bounces?
  5. Do blastball s go through barriers when they’re player-scoped?
  6. When a ball is deactivated, does it respawn at its respawn location? If so, how can I get it to go back to its original position or how can I get it to respawn?
  7. If a ball is attached to a waypoint, how can I make it so that the waypoint deactivates when the player sees the ball but activates when the player doesn’t?

And back to my main question:
I’m trying to make a dodge-ball-type game with 4 bal ls and 16 ball capture zones, and I want to track when a blastball hits a player by using a bunch of zones. I tried doing this with my pseudo hitboxes guide using zones, but I have absolutely no idea on how to make the checker for if a blastball is on the same tile as the player. I’m at around 65 memory right now, so I’m trying to look for a low-memory solution. Any help would be appreciated! (be back in around 2 hours, just found out you can’t post ‘balls’)

I cant test either so ill go off my brain.

  1. I think number of hits
  2. It bounces
  3. No, triggers get triggered by PLAYER collision. Blastball scoring can trigger a trigger via channels or wires though.
  4. I dont get what the first part of your question means. Maybe if you put it on the above layer? But i dont think so.
  5. I would think so. Tricky question…
  6. Wherever the blastball was put in gkc is where it respawns.
  7. For deactivation use the in-device setting for when a player is near enough (in meters), the waypoint deactivates.

I will be back with more info later on. Probably.


For #1, it’s both. The hits stack, I’m pretty sure. Josh talked about damage in the discord,and he said that the more damage a gadget does, the faster the blastball goes.


bumping my question since no one technically solved it yet
(I mean, I could test it myself rn but. .)

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It’s determined by the number of hits.

It passes through.

Idk about the other questions, i’ll see.

Can you elaborate on this?

He means, can a ball go into a blastball score zone and not be scored? And can it bounce over objects or players?
I think

For the coordinate system needed to test this, can someone check if a blastball creates a signal when teleporting through a teleporter?

Wait, it can teleport through teleporters?!
I would doubt it bc the option is when player is teleported here.

I guess it might be able to if it runs into a teleporter, or like rolls into it

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Oh and another question: are blastballs allowed in platformer?

I think so. Why do u ask?

I couldn’t find it in the devices list.

Maybe not then. I dont have season ticket. I can see why they wouldnt add it.

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I might have missed it, anyway I’m testing stuff right now.

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I mean the only things they would need to change would be gravity and no friction when rolling though. Hopefully they’ll add it in the next update.

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It does not bounce off of players.

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Ok, sorry about the confusion about the first part in #4, I mean can the ball bounce over a ball capture zone.
Also trying to build the system with a bunch of triggers rn

What do you mean by bounce? When you first hit the blastball?

Blastballs dont even bounce
I think