Blastball pre-game help

can the blastball work in pre-game, is there a way to do it? i wanted to make something for the players to do while waiting for the game to start

The ball device can’t be interacted with pre-game and neither can any gadget

does sentries work pre-game, they dont need to be able to fire, I just need to see them.

One thing I did while they were waiting is a maze.

No, the sentries spawn in during game start, not pre-game
You could use barrier art though

you cant make it like the real game. You can’t have a device interaction while in the lobby.

what can i make for people to do pre-game?

I think the blastball will be active on pre-game. But just having a weapon in start of the game (like Dig it up and Blastball), is impossible. It’s a mod-only device.

a obby, or a a form on like puzzles. Somthing that is sort of parcore related.

it is, but not able to interract @FersionSpeedy

You can interact with teleporters pre-game

Sorry, i didn’t mean start of the game. I mean pre-game.

yeah, doesnt work… its not able to move

yeah so you could make like a hall of mirriors.

how do i make that , not sure what it is

all of mirriors is a place that looks like an empty room but it is actually a maze that is like staring at glass. They can be super hards to beat.