Blastball goals not working correctly

So I made a map using blastballs where teams try to score goals.
I have a trigger connected to each goal that states who made the goal and for which team. Red team tries to score on their own goal, and blue team tries to score on their own goal.

The issue I’m having is that when someone from the opposing team scores on their opponent’s goal, the trigger fails to run for their goal meaning the opposing team does not receive a point.

Thankfully since my map is about racing your ball through an obstacle course, I disabled the teleporters which allowed players to move to the other side to slow each other down.

I still would love to have opponent interference in my map, but I don’t know how to implement it without allowing for broken interactions.

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first wlecome @ElliotSandbox are you using a ball capture zone?

Yes. The ball capture zone activates a trigger and the trigger is using a block (if that’s what the code stuff is called) which states who scored the goal for which team and it updates the property.

The property being the score for the teams.

try using wires and conect it to the scoure divice (i’m not relly sure what it’s called

got to go, i have class,

May I see your block code?

have you tried looking it up on the search?

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I am updating the red goals property and the blue goals property when either a red goal or a blue goal is scored using a counter connected to the goal. The trigger is also connected to the goal. All of this is via wires of course.

So I have a second trigger for the blue goals

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I dont see anything wrong with your code… It should theoretically work fine but it obviously doesn’t due to this topic…Im sorry but I dont know how to solve this one…sorry :frowning:

I’m confused. Don’t you just have two capture zones?

it could be an AUO problem

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Yes. When someone scores in the wrong goal, the trigger fails to well… trigger.

This might be the ball capture zone settings because it might not allow players from its own team to score on themselves making the trigger not run.

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you could do this where it counts how many goals that side got,