Blastball goals just aren't working? Try this! (No needed properties)

This is a way to create functional, anti-cheat Blastball goals.
By the way, other suggestions are welcome, because without properties, things MIGHT get a little complicated. :v)

2 things:

you can use drafts

second: wheres the uh… guide


hold on
i need to get the file

Screenshot 2024-04-29 8.01.58 PM
These are needed

Maybe add that stuff in the guide?

You can edit your post up above, ^

oh sorry, but uhh…
yeah the wire node can be set to allow a certain team

Screenshot 2024-04-29 8.04.55 PM
like so

there is a thing called edit: the symbol is a pencil that you click. it appears at the bottom of any post you make.

This is the wire (or what its supposed to look like)
and let’s say you want to grant cash for the goal

the cash should not be granted if another team (team 2) scores on their goal

also this format of devices is needed, if you’re lazy (no offense if you are) and want to get the game done fast…

ok ok ok just please im new just giving out stuff

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Can a regular move this to Devices? It already surpassed the editing time limit for trust level 1.
There is no point in keeping this.