Blastball cannot go through hidden props

I was trying to make a bossfight using the blastball, but it wont work :confused: i can’t sent the video for some reason too…

The same thing happened to me! (but with barriers) But when someone else tested, they said it went through. So this means it is a bug!

welcome back @BJC95!
this bug is if a prop was originally on it still has collision when it’s off it works the other way too

It’s random I think. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe try refreshing, leaving and joining again. Also, welcome back @BJC95

yea reloaded a couple times, it just wont go through :frowning:

Yeah, just a bug, but you can’t post videos on the forums, you can post gifs so use this to convert: Video to animated GIF converter (next time)

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Welcome back @BJC95 ! Even though you were here way back then me

If you have video problems, put the video on this site…

and then share the link to the site (of the video)

alright i found a solution! turn off the collisions of props, and add barriers! it worked like a charm!

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