Blackout Bug in Gimkit Creative

In Creative, the game will freeze for 6-10s, then everything in the game will turn black. GUI still work, and you can still interact with everything. It’s like when if a giant black barrier covered the screen but you can’t select it.

Weird bug…

Btw, even if a code doesn’t work, try cropping it out.

Maybe the mods can see this and fix it. But… have you tried to like… get out of the game and go back in?

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this happened to me all the time i made a post about it and nobody knew what happend…

this works ^^^ but its still annoying

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it has happend before… quite a few times.

Maybe look at those post for a possible solution?

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One that THEHACKER120 said was:
2.Shut down device
3.Make new world

yep that all you can do, but i thought there might be something else. btw nice pfp.

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well i know the obvious solution is to close the tab and reopen it, but I’d like to know why it happens.