Beta Gameplay! What do i add?

Here was a bit of gameplay i recorded. As you saw, what do you think i should add?(PS I cannot upload gameplay so i took screenshots.)

is it like sci fi themed?

Yeah sci fi/ zombies themed

Change the background from grass to like dark scraps

OK thanks wdym by that though

Do you know how to change the main background

Change the background to space(moving) and the main ground to moon rock, then make your space ships/bases have the terrain with the X on it. It will fit your theme for sci-fi well.

No i do not know how to

ok so follow this [📜] The Ultimate Guide to Map Options!

go to the settings in the bottom left corner and then click on map setting’s then you should see terrain background and then you can choose what terrain you want

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Find some screen shots, it normally helps.

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thanks. i owe you guys

Your welcome, and im just doing my not offical job.

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