Beta 1.3 update order

So, minus a couple small things (mysz bio, how to play), there are only two big features missing from GK8 until it’s complete. The item boxes and the custom karts. As of right now, Beta 1.2 works perfectly fine with no problems, so I can start this anytime. Making item boxes would require having the loot tables down for every place, which would be hard. But custom karts are so new, and come with so much baggage, that I don’t know how hard it’s going to be. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Would the custom karts be like different speeds, accel, drift, and other things like that?

The karts change: (top speed, how long it takes to get to top speed, length of a mini turbo and rocket start, and how good your items are).

Alright I might have to go, but I will think about it.

Could you make it that you crash if you don’t slow down enough at a certain point?

Actually, if I implemented mystery boxes, I would have to add, @mysz’s kart, because all it does is add 20 to your item RNG.

That’s not really in the Mario Kart games, so I don’t think I would add that.

Yeah… It would be more fun though.


Where is the beta?

The wixsite. Check the Gimvenger chat.

I’m not in the gimavenger chat

Check the regular chat.


Hey guys, let’s get back on-topic here.